Healing Trauma, Healing the Brain

Experiencing abuse, neglect or abandonment early in life can make life’s journey very difficult even long after the abuse or neglect has stopped. Anyone who loves, or works with, a teen who endured childhood trauma knows just how difficult life can be. Depression, anxiety, anger, aggression and emotions that are difficult to control are hallmarks of early abuse or neglect.

Typical treatment for children and teens include talk therapy and psychotropic medications. While both of these treatment choices can have beneficial effects, they are typically insufficient to produce lasting relief from the emotional roller coaster, and/or behavioral outbursts that these teens experience.

There is a very good reason for this. It has become increasingly clear through research that having very negative experiences as young children can impact the development of the brain. The brain develops both through biologically pre-determined sequences, and in interaction with the environment. Caregivers in particular, have enormous impact on brain development.

This blog will highlight the latest research findings, explore various treatment alternatives and help to educate those who care for traumatized teens regarding brain impact and brain healing of trauma. Hopefully, the blog will be the bridge between academics who show the way to promising treatment practices, and parents and those who work with traumatized teens.


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